If you believe in numerology, this week, seven is your lucky number!

From 06.09. at 00:00 until 12.09.2023. at 23:59, for seven days, we have prepared for you the Big Lucky 7 slot tournament, with games dominated by this iconic slot symbol.

Seven continents, seven seas, seven colors of the rainbow...prove that 7-7-7 is the combination to your prize!


Duration: 06/09 00:00 - 12/09 23:59

Prize pool: 150.000 RSD

Player has to play these 15 participating games:


  • Minimal stake for participation is 20 RSD. Average stake in all played rounds must not drop below 20 RSD.
  • Player has to spin at least 100 rounds in the participating games so he can qualify for the tournament.
  • Ranking will be based on the overall total bet in the participating games.
  • In case that two players have the same total bet, the one with more played rounds will be ranked better.

General rules of the tournament:

  • Ranking list will be updated every day, once a day while the tournament is active. Final ranking list will be published the day after the tournament is over.
  • Prizes will be granted to the winners after the final ranking list is published, by 13h latest.
  • Only players registered on Circus can participate in the promotion.
  • A player can have only one account in his own name. The promotion is allowed only per player, device, IP address...
  • If a player happens to win a Jackpot in some of the participating games, the Jackpot winnings will not be accounted in his points, and the Jackpot winnings will not affect his position in the rankings.
  • reserves the right to temporarily or completely terminate or change the current promotion in whole or in part at any time, without prior notice.
  • In case of suspected fraud, abuse of the rules of the current promotion, or technical problems, as well as factors beyond the competence of the organizer, which may affect the integrity and proper functioning of the promotion - the organizer reserves the right to take away the prize, as well as all possible winnings resulting from the game in which abuse of promotion rules, bonuses or fraud is suspected.
  • If players take measures, strategies, or in any other way, in the opinion of Circus, abuse the promotion, we reserve the right to declare the promotion void in relation to the player who engages in malicious behavior.