Bet on our Super Odds and win cash!

For your first deposit, Circus offers you a unique bet with exceptional odds. Discover now the Super Odds of the day!


  • Winnings linked to the Super Odds are rewarded in cash without any conditions.
  • Valid at any time.
  • The Cash Out option isn't possible with Super Odds. It doesn't impact your playthrough and CLUB points.

Your Super Odds in 3 steps

Make a deposit on Circuscasino, activate the Super Odds bonus and confirm the bet
  1. Make your first deposit
  2. Activate the "Super Odds" offer
  3. Confirm the offered bet
Terms and conditions
  • The winnings received with Super Odds are paid out in cash.
  • The promotion is valid once per player after the first deposit on the website.
  • Registration for this promotion (at the moment of the deposit) stays valid and can be used on the Super Odds page whenever you'd like.
  • The maximum stake for each Super Odds is shown in the window. This can be different according to the Super Odds offered.
  • Bets on Super Odds are always made in cash.
  • The Cash Out is not available on the Super Odds. A bet placed with the Super Odds won't affect the Playthrough and won't count for CLUB points.
  • If players pick this offer, they won’t have access to any other first deposit offers.