Sports betting

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If you’d like to discover the world of sports betting, you’re in the right place.

Here you can find the basics of different kinds of sports bets, as well as different ways to raise your winnings.

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Game rules

1st bet?

You don’t know yet how you place your first bet? Here you can see a perfect example.

What are the odds?

When betting on sports events, you’ll always find odds! Here you can find what are those odds?

1 X 2?

Victory, a draw or a loss? What is an 1-X-2? The most common market for a bet.


Betting on multiple events will raise your odds! A combi can become a great way to get higher winnings!

Our special offers

What's a Freebet?

Win cash easily thanks to the Freebets! The explanation you can find here.

What's a Cashback?

Thanks to the cashback, you receive a refund for a lost bet! A good way to keep the loss to a minimum.

What are the Super Odds?

Enjoy exceptionally high odds for an event to win even more! Discover how, right here.