Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register in order to play on Circus?

You can test all games on this website by playing a 10 minute demo game with limited credit. After 10 minutes the game will automatically end.

When you create an account on Circus, you can still play all games in demo. You can do so as long as you want, to practise or just for fun.

When you create an account on Circus, you can also play with real money, just like in a land-based gaming room. You can then make deposits on your account using various secure online payment methods and withdraw your winnings to your bank account. To register on this online gaming website you just need to click on the button ‘create your account’ and fill in the form.

What is the difference between the REAL MONEY mode and a PLAY MONEY DEMO?

When you play in REAL MONEY mode, you play with real money which you have deposited on your account. In this gaming mode you can withdraw your winnings.

When you play a PLAY MONEY DEMO, you play with virtual money. In this case it is not possible to withdraw your winnings.

Is Circus a legal online gaming site?

Yes, this online gaming website has been authorised by the Serbian Gaming Commission.

This means that the site has a Serbian gaming licence which allows offering online games of chance and that the website respects the principles established by the Serbian Gaming Commission to protect the interests of the players, such as the control on the payout percentage.

What kind of games are offered on Circus?

On Circus you can find the same types of games as the ones available in the Serbian land-based gaming rooms.

The online games we offer can be divided into various categories:

  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • video poker
  • slots
How old do I need to be to play on Circus?

In order to play on this online gaming website, you need to respect the conditions stated in the current legislation of your country. In Serbia you need to be at least 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, you are not allowed to register on Circus.

Being a Serbian citizen, on which gaming websites can I play?

On 2 December 2011 a legislation was enacted for the Serbian online gaming sector. This legislation poses that all Serbian online gaming sites need to have an official Serbian licence. Circus has such a licence and is therefore completely legal.

Since 2 December 2011 you commit an offense if you play on a website that hasn’t been authorised by the Serbian Gaming Commission and you risk being sued. Moreover, if you play on an unauthorised website your account on this website can be blocked by the authorities. In addition, you don’t benefit from the mechanisms established by the Serbian Gaming Commission for protecting the players.

Is my money safe on Circus?

Yes. Contrary to illegal websites, which often operate in tax haven countries beyond any control, Circus respects the Serbian legislation. The website operates under the control of the Serbian Gaming Commission and is based in Serbia.

Therefore, the money you deposit on your Circus account remains safely in Serbia.

What should I do if I’m addicted to gaming?

Above all, gaming should be fun and relaxing. If you think you are addicted to gaming, you can ask to be temporarily or permanently banned from gaming by means of this form. This means you will no longer be able to play games with real money, on this online gaming website as well as all legal Serbian websites and the land-based gaming rooms.

If you think you are addicted to gaming or you would like to talk to somebody about this, you can call BELGRADE CALL CENTER 0800-110-011 (FREE). You can also go to the website of the SPECIAL HOSPITAL FOR ADDICTIONS or website of the INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH.

If you would like to be denied access to the land-based gaming rooms and the online gaming websites, you can contact the Serbian Gaming Commission directly.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to go the page Responsible gaming.

Do you have other questions? Please have a look at the HELP section of our website.

How can I make a deposit by bank transfer?

You can make a deposit on your account in any bank, post office or using e-banking. First, you need to make a request for transfer on our deposit page. To do so, you need to select this payment method, enter the amount you want to deposit and validate. The payment instructions you need to make the transfer will appear after you validate your request.

Example of payment instructions:

  • Amount: 200.00 RSD
  • Account holder: Digital Revolution doo
  • Bank account number: 160-454015-08
  • Payment description: Deposit on player’s account
  • Transaction reference: RSXWTX76811

Make sure you enter the correct details of the owner owner as registered on Circus and the correct reference number. Both are needed in order to verify the payment.
Deposit processing depends on the bank or the post office and may take a couple of days.
All the deposits realized on Fridays or at weekends will be received for processing on Monday.

Payment Order Example: