About this online gaming and betting site

Who are we?

The online gaming and betting website Circusbet.rs is the number one gaming site in Serbia. It is operated by the Digital Revolution d.o.o in partnership with Gaming1.

  • Digital Revolution d.o.o.
  • Ul. Vojvode Tankosića 40/7, Medijana, Niš
  • Business activity code 9200 - Gambling and betting
  • Registration number 21166642
  • VAT 109349907
  • www.circusbet.rs
  • Phone: +381 60 0474 410
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Customer support: [email protected]
  • Customer support working hours: 08 until 24h

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History of the Circusbet.rs gaming site

The online gaming and betting site Circusbet.rs went live in 2016 when the new Serbian law on online gambling came into force.

As a result, Circusbet.rs is one of the first sites to legally offer games, which are the same games that you can find in any gaming hall in Serbia. The majority of the games available on Circusbet.rs, notably online slot machines, online dice games, online video poker, online blackjack and online roulette, offer players a better interaction than traditional online games. They operate on the same principles as those found in physical gaming halls, ensuring a great gaming experience for online players. This gaming site is based on the gaming platform developed by Gaming1, a software supplier for online games.

Legal Serbian gaming and betting site

This Serbian online casino gaming site is legal and authorized by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance - Department for games of chance.

License number: 000-424-00-00338/2016

As a legal, certified website, Circusbet.rs makes every effort to comply with the recommendations of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Finance - Department for games of chance and to protect players by means of mechanisms such as guaranteeing payout rate, checking banned players, and much more.

Fair online gaming

Circusbet.rs takes the greatest care to give the player the best possible experience in every game. We use CryptGenRandom, the random number generator recommended by Microsoft, is used to guarantee the element of luck that is required for the games to run properly.