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Online tournaments

No tournament currently available
Tournaments T&C
  • The tournaments are organized for marketing purpose.
  • The right to participate on tournaments have all players registered on the website who apply to participate in a certain tournament during the specified period.
  • To participate in the tournament, the player receives 1,000 credits and a limited time of 10 minutes in a predetermined game.
  • Ranking is made on the cumulative value of the winnings made in the specified time period.
  • Bonuses will be added to the player's account immediately after the tournaments end.
  • All prizes in tournaments are in bonus money and are subject to our bonus rules.
  • Players who made at least one deposit and full deposit is wagered, will be able to make withdrawals without limitation, after the bonus playthrough is reached.
  • The maximum amount for withdrawal after the bonus(won from tournament) playthrough is reached for players who have not made a deposit on the website is RSD 5,000 and only one withdrawal from all tournaments can be made. Specifically, if you already had the withdrawal from the bonus won in tournament and did not have a deposit afterwards, you will not be able to withdraw any possible winnings in any subsequent tournament.
  • Players who have made the withdrawal from a registration bonus in the previous period, but have not made the deposit on the site, will not be able to make the withdraw of any possible winning from tournament.
  • Only one account per person, household, address, IP address and device is allowed to participate.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change the terms, terminate or otherwise change the tournament rules.
  • If players take action, strategies, or on any other way abuses the tournament promotion in the view of the organizer, we reserve the right to declare the tournament invalid in relation to a player who commits malicious behavior.
  • A player who participates in the Tournaments, accepts the rights and obligations set out in the Tournaments T&C.
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